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Folding Castle

A Thunderbolts Fanfiction Community

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Anybody , Moderated
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folding_castle is a Thunderbolts fanfiction community. All fanfiction based on the comic book or its featured characters are welcome. Posts about the comic, discussions about writing fiction, and other fiction discussions related to the Thunderbolts are also encouraged.

Suggestions and Rules:

-Quality content is appreciated. There is no excuse to not capitalize, utilize basic grammar, and spellcheck. Respect your work if you wish for others to respect it.

-You are encouraged to review and critique other people's work. However, blatant flaming and insults towards the author or their fics will not be tolerated.

- All fics must be featured behind an LJ cut. Small excerpts or teasers may be featured but long chapters need to be put behind a cut for the convenience of the community's viewers.

-All fiction with NC-17 material must have a warning and MUST be featured behind an LJ-cut.

-Any fiction detailing rape, incest, or intense graphic violence must carry a warning.

-folding_castle allows slash pairings. If you don't like slash, this community may not be for you. Posts talking about the evils of slash, same-sex pairings, and/or homoerotica will not be allowed.

-folding_castle moderators retain the right to edit any submissions, but only in extreme cases where the content is considered too vulgar or otherwise offensive for the community. The moderators also retain the right to determine what is vulgar.

-The moderators retain the right to delete any fiction or posts that they consider to be spam, to be vulgar, or to be otherwise inappropriate for the site.

Extra ways you can have fun on the site!

Visit our memories! We have links to many Thunderbolts-related scans for your research and viewing pleasure!